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  • Theory of adult learning
  • Understanding of specific skills, knowledge and strategies for teaching adult learners

Video Title
andragogy - summary
An introductory video that covers the main principles and some 'disadvantages' of andragogy. Useful for background and as a discussion starter - especially for distance learners.
Think About
Is there actually a difference between pedagogy and andragogy
Watch For
The 6 principles and the discussion on andragogy's advantages and disadvantages.
What are the advantages /disadvantages of 'andragogy' as it applies to your own teaching context?
Introduction to Learning Theories
(Minimal ppt slides and voice over)
An overview of learning theories relevant for vocational educators - presentation by Ian Robertson who teaches Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) teachers.
Think About
Complete an activity to unpack prior knowledge of learners on theories of learning - behavourism, humanist, constructivists, social constructivist and critical emacipatorist.
Watch For
The examples provided for each type of learning theory and connect to the way you currently approach how your students learn.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each learning theory as it applies to your own teaching context and / or the current student profile you are working with.
How does the theory of Andragogy relate to Pedagogy?
Think About
Complete a Venn Diagram on What the differences and similarities between the theries of Andragogy and Pedagogy.
Watch For
The six assumptions made about the adult learner.
How could you apply the theory of Andragogy in your own classroom and to your own teaching practice? What benefits might you observe?
Principles of Learning
A review of the principles of effective teaching and learning principles.
Think About
Consider the learning principles that influence your current teaching practice.
Watch For
Watch for:
learning styles; barriers to learning; good teaching principles; general principles of learning; lesson planning.
What principles could you use from this clip in your own teaching practice? How might these principles benefit your learners?
What are some teaching strategies you could add to your tool kit and how?
Teaching Strategies: Learning Styles
An overview of Learning Styles. We all learn in different ways and have different preferences for learning.
Think About
Consider how you like to learn and what types of activities are most effective for your own personal learning? How does this impact on the way in which you teach?
Watch For
Identify new strategies that you could use in your own teaching.
What strategies do you currently use? What other strategies would you now consider using?