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  • Critical enquiry & analytical skills
  • Reflective practice
  • Understanding of ethical approaches to teaching
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Current research knowledge
  • Knowledge of performance management systems

Video Title
Stephen Brookfield on Critical Thinking
A short video with Stephen Brookfield going through his conceptualisation of critical thinking.
The source of this video
the North Carolina Network for excellence in teaching, has links to many videos (6 from Stephen Brookfield). Many are relevant for this section.
Think About
Does what Stephen say, about the 4 'stages' in critical thinking, apply to your own learning and development as a teacher?
Watch For
Take notes on the 'stages' of critical thinking for later discussion.
If the 'stages' of critical thinking do not need to be each completed before the next stage is reached, how can we (and our students) best work out at which stage of the critical thinking cycle we are in and how do we maximise our engagement with critical reflection.