• Design content for e-learning environments
  • Using the internet as a learning experience
  • Use of multimedia
  • Hardware skills
  • Ability to use e-learning teaching to teach & support learning
  • The term "e-learning" includes mixed mode learning, blended learning & technologies enhanced

Video Title
Salman Khan:Let's use video to reinvent education
Salman Khan, provides a background and rationale for the development of the Khan academy. The academy is a collection of over 2000 videos providing short tutorials on maths, science, astronomy, history and finance. all the videos are accessible for free.
Think About
Are the reasons provided by Salman Khan on the video, educationally sound , is learning maths on video better than learning from a real life teacher.
Watch For
Presentation style of Salman Khan. examples of videos and how they are structured.
How can you use the concept of video tutorials to help you teach better OR can you make use of video to encourage your students to record themselves teaching some skill/concept they have learnt.
Networked Student
Wendy Dexler presents this 5 minute long video on how social media tools can be used to network students so they learn from each other. The video talks about the 'high school' student but can be related to adult learners.
Think About
What is the learning theory connectivism? How do learners from from connecting with each other?
Watch For
How social media tools can be used in education
How do you use social media tools to develop your own personal learning network? How can you engage students so they actively develop their own PLN?