Diverse learner groups may be based on:russian_dolls.jpg
  • Culture
  • English as a second language (ESOL) learners
  • Age
  • Evaluation of skills/qualifications

Video Title
Teaching Returning Adult Students
This is one of a series of short clips relating to teaching adult students returning to the education system.
Think About
What strategies do you currently use to engage your adult students who are returning to the education system after a significant period of time?
Watch For
Different strategies that you could use to engage your returning adult students.
What is the student profile of the classes you teach. Who are you teaching?
Learning to teach inclusively
Three videos about how to teach inclusively are available on this page.
1. Classroom session - Sharing knowledge and experiences
2. Classroom session - Connecting lives & theory
3. Student interview - Benefits of working in diverse groups

"These clips are taken from a session in which the teacher facilitates a learning activity designed to encourage a diverse group of students to bring their prior knowledge, experience and backgrounds to bear on the subject. She then introduces theory that connects with their lives and that of the case study. One of the students then explains how working in diverse groups enriches his learning."
Think About
The strategies used by the facilitator to include students in the activity, and to get them to interact and share knowledge.
Watch For

The way in which the facilitator uses her skills to stimulate interaction in the class, and help them make connections to theory. The use of text sub-titles - are these useful?
How effective would the strategies used by the facilitator be for your teaching?