digital_camcorder.png How to contribute to the project
  1. Identify a video resource that can be used to support teaching practice, for example:
    • an example of evidence-based teaching practice
    • an example of poor teaching practice that can be used to stimulate discussion
    • a presentation by key/international educator about what makes good teaching practice
    • students talking about what engages them.
  2. You may choose a video is available on a public website such as YouTube or a private video that you or colleagues have developed.
  3. Decide which categories the video fits into - the categories are based on the graduate profile categories in Appendix Three of the "Taking Stock" report published by Ako Aotearoa in 2010.
  4. Post the video, or a link to the video. Provide information about the video you are contributing using the following criteria:
    • Author or presenter, location, educational organisation
    • Length of video
    • Topic covered
    • Two or three key messages taken from the video
    • Teaching and learning techniques demonstrated
    • Relevance to teaching and learning theory or practice
    • Why you believe the video can enhance teaching practice
    You may also wish to include in this criteria what you believe teachers should think about before, during and after viewing the video to encourage reflective practice (Terry Borton, 1971, 'Reach Touch and Teach', New York:McGraw-Hill).
    • Think about
    • Watch for
    • Reflect
    If you are not sure what to do, follow the format of the first entry in the section Delivery Skills.

page_edit.pngHow to edit this wiki

  1. Make yourself familiar with this wiki
  2. If this video is a "private" video that is not accessible on the Internet, please follow the instructions on how to upload a file onto the wiki: How do I upload files?

video.pngThings to consider when uploading the video
  1. Please be mindful of copyright when uploading your video resource. All videos will be accessible by the general public, so please make sure you do not add a video that has an "all rights reserved" copyright.
  2. If you upload videos that involve human participants, please ensure they have given permission for the video to be used in this context. In other words, please make sure that they understand the video is being posted on an open website and available for all to download. If they have not agreed for the video to be used in this context, please do not add it to the wiki.
  3. If you upload a video that relates to Maori teaching and learning please ensure it is appropriate for you to share the video or link. If it is not appropriate to share or you do not have permission to share, please do not add the video.
  4. Please do not upload a video that advertises services or products.
  5. If the video you wish to upload is more than 10mb, please contact Sarah Stewart