• Understand theory of assessment
  • Design assessments
  • Apply assessments within lesson plans
  • Evaluate assessment methods & criteria
  • Evaluate & apply moderation processes
Video Title
Assessment for Learning
A good overview of the precepts of assessment for learning. Covers the ways teachers can help students to take ownership of their own learning.
Think About
What does the term ' assessment for learning' mean?
What is your concept of the role of assessment in the programme you currently teach?
Watch For
Are the six ways recommended to help students become engaged in their own learning realistic?
How can I introduce and model 'assessment for learning' practices in my current teaching practice?
John Hattie on feedback
A short video with John Hattie providing an overview of the importantce on feedback and how teachers should also learn from their students' performance in assessments.
Think about
What are the three forms of feedback proposed?
Watch for
What does Hattie recommend for teachers to do with assessment results? What should the student and the teacher learn?
Think about you own teaching context and how to introduce better feedback for learners.